Scratch Removal Services for Auto Body in El Segundo

Scratch removal is a minor and quick fix for ARS Collision. Our shop has removed scratches from vehicles regardless of their severity for over forty years in the South Bay and El Segundo service area. Bring your car down to ARS Collision and we’ll get you out of here in no time with your car looking brand new.

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With that out of the way, let’s dig into scratches and what you need to know about removing them. There are really three types of scratches for vehicles varying in depth.

clear coat scratches

the clear coat of a car is a transparent and glossy coat of paint applied at the end of the painting process. It’s meant to make the paint job pop and protect the vehicle’s paint from harsh environmental conditions that can lead to fading.

clear coat scratches

Due to how thin clear coat paint jobs are, we first have to see if the scratch can be sanded away without damaging the paint or if we’ll need to touch up the area with a new layout of clear coat paint.

The best way to avoid getting clear coat scratches is by going to a good detailer. Our favorite detailer in the South Bay has to be LA Auto Detail in Manhattan Beach.


One of the most common forms of scratches is know as haze. This usually happens during a wash or detail that compounds the surface without properly polishing and waxing. The scratches are very thin and upon closer inspection they follow a uniform pattern. From far away it just looks like haze. ARS Collision has the lighting equipment to correctly identify uneven paint and hazing in order to get your paint job even and better than new.


We know paint and polish like the back of our hands and it’s what separates us from less reputable shops. Micro-marring happens when the polish is done with too harsh a product or with the wrong speed. Micro-marring is more noticeable on darker cars. There is no prescription to avoid micro-marring, instead it takes a honed expert to get your paint to shine flawlessly.

paint scratches

paint scratches are just below the surface of the clear coat and this is the actual color of the car. In order to remove a scratch deep enough that affects your paint job a perfect eye for color matching is the key. That’s where we come in. ARS will match the color and apply a new clear coat to have your car looking top-notch as if nothing ever happened.

primer scratches

ARS Collision has seen al kinds of primer scratches and we’ve removed all of them. So, if you’re in the South Bay and had a hater scratch up you’re car, come on down we’ll have you looking brand new fast.

Primer scratches penetrate both the clear coat and paint layer and push through to the bare metal of a car. This is a big issue if you live somewhere like El Segundo or the surrounding beach cities because the ocean air is the perfect environment for iron oxidation (rusting). The primer coat is supposed to protect the metal from rusting and other elements. The best thing to do is remove the car scratch that broke through the primer as quickly as possible.

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