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auto body shop in the South Bay

ARS Collision offers dent removal services in the South Bay Area covering Manhattan Beach, El Segundo and Hawthorne. Our shop has been around for 40 years, so here is what you need to know about dent removal and repair.

How much does dent removal cost?

The short answer is it depends on how much and what type of damage your car has sustained. There are two broad categories of removing dents from your car. The first is paintless dent removal and regular auto body repair. Paintless Dent Removal costs between $85 -$450 dollars depending on the different factors. If the dent in your car hasn’t scratched any of the paint and the body of the vehicle is merely sunk in, paintless dent removal might be for you.

this car received extensive damage during the collision, part will be replace.
Here is the same Porsche after the repairs, looks brand new.

For more damaged auto body repairs, the auto body technicians will cut, replace, hammer out and smooth out the vehicle using a variety of different methods. Unlike, paintless dent removal once the dent has been addressed our auto body technicians will paint the area to match the rest of the vehicle and remove scratches from your car’s paint job. It’s important to have a professional paint job, not only to get a seamless transition from the old paint to the new paint, but also order to prevent rust which is a pretty big issue if you live in the South Bay.

How long will my car be in the shop?

On average a car stays at the shop for 2-5 business days. We can help you get a car rental. The amount of time your car will stay in the auto body shop depends on how much damage there is to repair and the availability of parts. Some cars can stay in the body shop for a month waiting on specialty parts out of production, but in most cases you’ll have your car back the following week.

Does My Insurance cover paintless dent repair?

Yes. Your insurance covers PDR, but you should weigh the damage against your insurance deductible. Simple dent removal and cosmetic damage might not warrant your $500 or $1000 deductible or the increase in your insurance premium the following year.

How do I estimate the cost of dent repair?

Paintless dent repair at ARS Collision starts at $85 and depends on the amount of damage and where exactly the damage. If the hood of your car received 50 different dings from a heavy hale, replacing the hood is probably the most cost effective approach as each spot will eat away your budget in labor costs.

A more involved process will depend on the type of paint the auto manufacturer uses, whether parts are being replaced or repair and more.

You’re best bet, of course, is reaching out to a trusted auto body shop with decades of experience to provide an estimate. Lucky for you ARS Collision offers auto body repair estimates for free.

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